The place where lost things go, taken from Mary Poppins

Do you ever lie

Awake at night?

Just between the dark

And the morning light

Searching for the things

You used to know

Looking for the place

Where the lost things go


Do you ever dream

Or reminisce?

Wondering where to find

What you truly miss

Well maybe all those things

That you love so

Are waiting in the place

Where the lost things go


Time to close your eyes

So sleep can come around

For when you dream you’ll find

All that’s lost is found

Maybe on the moon

Or maybe somewhere new

Maybe all you’re missing lives inside of you


So when you need his touch

And loving gaze

Gone but not forgotten

Is the perfect phrase

Smiling from a star

That he makes glow

Trust he’s always there

Watching as you grow

Find him in the place

Where the lost things go

Andrea Jackson The Holistic Celebrant

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