Naming Ceremonies

Welcome a new child into the family

Do you want to welcome your new child into the family, but you do not want a religious service in a church?

Want to welcome an adopted child or stepchild into the extended family?

As this is often called by the children, the welcoming party.  It will provide a special time to make promises to your child, that they will be loved, nurtured and supported.

There can also be a role for other children or friends who will take on the mantle of additional family role models.

Commitment to stepchildren

A naming ceremony can also be included into a wedding or partnership ceremony when two families are joining together, and each parent commits to support their stepchildren.

A touching ceremony that welcomes the child to your family.

Naming Ceremony

The Ceremony

I script the ceremony just for you. The procedure, the dialog, the activity is planned to make it a magical experience.

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Naming ceremony
Naming Ceremony
Andrea Jackson The Holistic Celebrant

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