Wellbeing Events for 2020

Gannow Community Centre, Burnley

Friday 4 September          – Gong Bath and Relaxation 8:00 pm

Wednesday 9 September     – Spiritual Meditation 7:30 pm

Saturday 26 September      – Reiki I training –   JUST 3 PLACES REMAINING

Sunday 27 September       – Reiki  II training – JUST 1 PLACE REMAINING

Friday 2 October            – Gong Bath and Relaxation 8:00 pm

Wednesday 14 October      – Spiritual Meditation 7:30 pm

Friday 30 October          – Gong Bath and Relaxation 8:00 pm

Wednesday 11 November    – Spiritual Meditation 7:30 pm

Friday 4 December          – Gong Bath and Relaxation 8:00 pm

Wednesday 9 December     – Spiritual Meditation 7:30 pm

Gong Baths and Relaxing Experience – £12

You will settle yourself on the floor or chair and relax whilst Andrea plays her gongs, Tibetan bowls, crystal singing bowls, tank drum and many other instruments to take you on a journey with sound.  The healing power of sound will support your body to be the best it can be.  Bring along your mats, cushions, sleeping bags, blankets.

Usui Reiki Training

Reiki is a beautiful healing universal energy.  Mikao Usui westernised this healing practice which has its origins in Japan.  Come along and develop your own healing connection.  Reiki will provide upliftment for the mind, body and spirit.  Andrea is a Reiki Master Practitioner Teacher and will introduce you to reiki with gentle tuition, meditations and practical experiences.  All courses are from £150 – £175 for a full day’s training and require a £50 non-refundable deposit to cover learning materials and secure your place.  Training is from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm

Spiritual Meditation Evenings – £7

The meditation evenings are open to anyone who would like to spend a little time with like-minded people, following a guided meditation and making whatever spiritual connection is possible and right for you.  No pressure, just enjoy some time opening your mind and body to your spiritual energy.

Other Events

Please watch on this page and Facebook page Andrea Jackson, The Holistic Celebrant, for further events and updates:

  • Mediumship Evenings
  • Trance Communication
  • Exploring Sound Energy
  • Mindfulness
  • Holistic Therapies

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