Why use a Celebrant?

It’s all about you

A celebrant led ceremony is person-centred.

Ceremonies can include a reference to any or no religious or belief system. Whatever is right for you.

I will listen to the story about you and your family and draft a unique ceremony.

Why a Celebrant

Funerals, Memorials and Scattering of Ashes

There are several ways to be guided through a funeral


A religious funeral will follow the format of the appropriate religion, possibly with prayers, communal singing, readings and a brief reflection on the person.


A humanist funeral will be centred around the person without any reference to religion and this includes all readings, poems and music.  The funeral will be bespoke and led by a humanist.


A celebrant led funeral is person-centred and developed to reflect the deceased and their family.  A funeral, life celebration or memorial can take place anywhere except a religious building but can include graveside and crematorium.  A celebrant will listen to the story about the person and draft a unique ceremony.

It can include any desired music including hymns, live and popular music.  It quite often happens that although the deceased may no longer be practising a religion or belief, they feel they would like a prayer or bible reading included, and this is natural.  The ceremony is not about me as a celebrant it is about the person.  So often I am complemented on just getting the character right as I knew them.  This is my skill and craft.  I listen with interest and turn this into a story and appropriate send off.  Ceremonies can include a reference to any or no belief system.  Whatever is right for you.

Naming Ceremonies

In a society of diminishing religious belief and mixed belief households, it can be difficult to decide how to recognise and welcome the new baby or adopted child into the family.  Traditionally there has been christenings and dedications conducted within churches.  But if this does not fit your belief system then a naming ceremony is a great alternative.

A naming ceremony will welcome the child into the family and wider family, celebrate their importance of the new addition.  It may be held in the home, a local hall, a hired room or wherever feels right.  It often also includes the opportunity for a good social gathering.

I can include music, readings, candle lighting, include siblings in the ceremony and include supportive adults or godparents.  The choice is yours.  A beautiful ceremony to create lasting memories and a record of the childs’ welcome to the family.

Weddings, Partnerships, Blessings and Vow renewals

Ever dreamed of writing your own vows? Getting married outdoors or in a barn?  Did you want to get married where you proposed?  Or just a simple ceremony with a few friends?

Anything and everything is possible with a celebrant.

I can be as traditional or as untraditional as you require.  I can include whatever you want, music, handfasting, ribbon ceremonies, spiritual content, drumming, songs, poems, prayers, symbolic actions such as sand ceremonies and include children or well-controlled pets into the ceremony.

Remember this is your day and so it should include what you want and not what others say you should have.

I will meet with you to listen to your story.  Why do you want the ceremony, how did you meet and fall in love?  What are your partners quirky and loving habits, what values do you share and all that matters to you both?

It’s important that you like me and I like you.  There needs to be chemistry so that we can all create some amazing and memorable occasions.  Even the planning stage can be fun.  I hold your hand to help tease out what’s right for you and craft the script for approval.  Tell your story of love.

My clients all talk about how comfortable I make them feel, natural, smiley and with a good sense of fun.

Celebrate with your very own ceremony.

The Legal Bits

It is important to recognise that celebrant ceremonies are not legally binding and you will still need to officially marry as recognised by English law in a registry office or in a church or synagogue with a recognised minister, priest or rabbi.

A brief midweek registrar ceremony can cost under £70 to complete the legalities of a marriage.

Although I prefer to conduct your ceremony once the legal ceremony has taken place, it can take place after.  A celebrant led ceremony unlike a registrar led ceremony does not need to hold in a licensed venue. You are free to choose any venue, place and time.

For more information on the legal aspects of your wedding in a registry office or place of worship, please see the Government website here: https://www.gov.uk/marriages-civil-partnerships/overview.

Legal registration of births and deaths must also take place at your local registry office. Contact your local registry office for more information https://www.gov.uk/register-offices.

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