Commitments of Love and Vow Renewal

Your Nearest and Dearest

We all experience life differently.  Some of us will have long and uneventful lives whereas others will seem full of life’s challenges.

But the people who are most important are the ones who are a constant and there for us as our partner.

So, whether you have been married for 25 years or never married but want your nearest and dearest to appreciate that you are committed to each other, these ceremonies are just perfect.


The Ceremony

A ceremony to commit or renew your love to each other, with people you cherish, in a place that makes you feel at ease and at a time which is important to you will demonstrate how important you are to each other.

A ceremony may include a reflection and thanks of how you came together, your wishes for your future together, and a commitment of continuing love, support and togetherness.

Vow renewals

The Ceremony

I script the ceremony just for you. The procedure, the dialog, the activity is planned to make it a magical experience.

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