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About the spiritual me

For many years I considered myself to be “normal”.  Born and living in Pendle, working as a Human Resources professional, married with twin sons.

My father, Vincent was very spiritually connected and used to regularly attend the spiritualist church and connected with his spirit guides and attend seances.  When I was born my Mum became scared about his connection, particularly when he went onto a trance state and his guides would connect with him.  And so, his connected became a hidden activity.  It was still there but not openly practised.

As a child I was unconsciously connected to spirit and my spirit guide.  I thought this was how everyone was.  I would hear words in my head and just know things.  And as a child I don’t suppose I thought anything of it.  Most children start their life still open and connected to spiritual energy.

At the age of about 8 or 9, I remember being told to tell my friend to ask her Father to be careful on his motorbike.  Two weeks later he was killed in an accident.  I thought I had caused this and became scared and so shut down from the connection.

My father died when I was in my 20’s and I was just getting to know him as an adult but never openly discussed spirituality other than he advised I should never mess with Ouija boards without proper protection. A few years after his passing spirit started to reconnect with me.  Little things like seeing things out of the corner of your eye, feeling static when it felt like someone was near, just knowing things, and not knowing how and seeing things in my dreams that felt real.  Along with this came books to read given by friends, invites to mediumship events.  My curiosity was being sparked.  And then I had a very real visitation in my dream from my spirit guide Fire Spirit who advised me to go to a spiritualist church and gave me profound information about my Mum who wasn’t too well at the time.  This dream was so different and was the catalyst to my reawakening to the greatest natural connection of spirit and the oneness of everything.

From there I developed my mediumship connection.  By being true to myself and connection with my soul purpose my life has true meaning and I am happy.  I feel blessed and grateful to openly acknowledge the true me.


What do I mean by spirit and spirituality?

 My personal interpretation is that humans are made up of a physical and energetic body.  We can see the human body with our eyes but cannot “see” energy.  Just like we cannot see electric or bacteria with our human eyes but we know they exist.  This energetic body may be called your soul.  In theology, the soul is further defined as that part of the individual which partakes of divinity and often is considered to survive the death of the body.   But for centuries the presence of a soul or spirit has been described by many civilisations.

As a spiritual medium I am able to use my energy to connect to energy or the spirit of people who once lived.  I make connections with the deceased and the spirit realm.

Spirituality for me is not a religion but a way of life.  Live your life with good intentions and actions and be compassionate to yourself and others.  My wisdom and spiritual knowledge is within me.  It’s as if I have access to the largest library of information and knowing.  We all have this available to us but don’t always know how to open the door to the library.


Clairvoyant and Angel Card Reading

Personal or group reading

Each session will be different dependent upon what you would like or require.

You may choose to have a reading using Angel and Oracle cards,  connecting with higher energies for guidance, a session communicating with friends and loved ones in spirit, or a combination.

These can be done at my location or via Zoom or WhatsApp.

 A session typically last 45 minutes is £35.00

Spiritual Guidance and Development

If you feel like you would like to develop your ability or things are happening that you cannot explain, I am happy to support you with your own awareness.

Alternatively, there is a regular spiritual meditation evening where likeminded people meet up.  I will guide you on a meditation and then we generally have a chat and learn from each other about spiritual matters.  A very safe place to develop your own ability and connection.


Mediumship is where I connect with loved ones, friends and family who have passed over.  I use my gift to bring comfort and connection.

I generally have a “knowing” about the information and will bring evidence to prove who I connect with, but sometimes I receive physical feeling, pictures in my head, scents and occasionally I can see flashes of colour around your auric field.  I generally do not “see” with my eyes a person but I can describe details about the person.

I hold evenings of mediumship which I advertise. 

House Party

You can also book me to come to your own house for an evening of mediumship.  Gather a few friends or maybe book a local hall for a charity event.  These are always very popular.

Trance Communication

What is trance communication?

I enter a state of altered awareness.  And in my head it feels like I energetically step out of my physical body and allow another spiritual energy to enter.  The first spirit to always “enter” my body will be my trusted spirit guide Ed.  On some occasions other spiritual energy such as collectives of angels may also choose to communicate.

They will use my physical body to communicate their message. They share amazing information about the spiritual realm, spirit guides, what happens when you die and how the universe and mankind work.   Observers have noted that my voice changes and even my facial appearance and body can appear different.  I am safe during this process as my guide protects me.

I regularly hold evenings of communication and these are advertised on my web page and Facebook.  You can also book a 1:2:1 session with Ed for guidance and insight.

Let’s Get Connected

These sessions are very individual in nature, so its essential you discuss with me before the session.

Please call now to book a session

Andrea Jackson The Holistic Celebrant

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