Pain Removal, Weight Reduction and Changing Old Habits


Have you been in pain for a long time? Can you imagine how it would feel to be pain-free? Pain has a purpose when it relates to a new injury or problem as it’s the body’s way of saying “be careful”. However once the medical reason for the pain has recovered some people continue to feel pain and that is when OldPain2Go® can help, even when nothing else seems to have worked.

Using the body’s ability to tap into the unconscious mind and reset the need for pain with the conscious mind, this is how this amazing and freeing treatment works. It is not hypnosis or trance. What type of pain can be treated? Any pain which you have been having for over 3 months, irrespective of the cause or type of pain, can be significantly assisted with this technique.

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OldPain2Go worked for me, I can now help you

I personally underwent this treatment to treat a back pain that I had had for over 20 years, and while I was left with some initial stiffness of the muscles as they had been protecting my back for this time, I no longer had pain. I cannot tell you how amazing that feels. No painkillers, no restricting movement, improved sleep… I feel free.

The evidence to support the benefit of this technique is demonstrable.  For example, it can remove pain, change behavioural patterns such as addictions, support weight control and prevent hayfever. Curious to discuss how it can help you?  Please contact me to discuss how I may support you.

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Allow your unwanted weight to reduce.  

There are many reasons why a person carries additional weight.  Some of these are due to lifestyle, excess calories, unhelpful food intake, sedative lifestyle.


But have you ever wondered why when you make the effort to lose weight, then you regain the weight quite quickly and often regain even more?  And why when a diet has worked once does its effectiveness lesson on the second or third time of trying?  What do you do when you lose something?  You go looking for it.  And this is why we change the words to choosing to reduce weight or let go of the surplus fat store.  

Just like the the principal of OldPain2Go you bargain with the unconscious mind about letting go of the unconscious messages to protect you from a perceived threat if you lose weight.  Your unconscious mind may perceive that you will not have access to food if you diet, or you may be vulnerable and not as strong if you lose your outer fat store.  It is about agreeing to be kind to your body and your unconscious mind will support the reduction in weight.  And weight may be measured in actual weight or size .. it’s whichever feels right for you.

To help you start to understand more about OldFat2Go there are 2 free introduction lessons by the creator of the process Steven Blake: Introduction to OldFat2Go – OldPain2Go .


OldFat2Go, what’s involved?


This is a personal journey and one that you take control.  And there are a couple of ways you can access this amazing process.

Online Course

There is a modular course to help you understand the reasons why and how you store fat, including an audio relaxation session that can be repeated many times to support changing your attitude to your food and lifestyle.  Its not a diet, its about the mind.  And the mind will direct you to make good choices.

Supported Sessions

If you prefer to be supported along your weight reduction journey, I am available to coach you.  The sessions will include

  • Recording your progress
  • Discussion and understanding more about the mind/body link and weight
  • Relaxation and guiding you in a deep relaxed state to access the unconscious mind

Please feel free to reach out to me for a chat or email me if you need further information to make the decision to start your weight reduction journey.


Andrea Jackson The Holistic Celebrant

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