Four candles

The first candle represents our grief.

The pain of losing you is intense

It reminds us of the depth of our love for you


The second candle represents our courage.

To confront our sorrow,

To comfort each other,

To change our lives.


The third candle we light in your memory.

For the times we laughed,

The times we cried,

The times we were angry with each other,

The silly things you did,

The caring and joy you gave us.


The fourth candle we light for our love.

We light this candle that your light will always shine,

As we enter this sad time and share this day of

remembrance with family and friends.

We cherish the special place in our hearts

That will always be reserved for you.

We thank you for the gift

Your living brought to each of us.



Andrea Jackson The Holistic Celebrant

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