Yesterday I had fourth or fifth virtual reiki session with Andrea. I was feeling off and my head was foggy. Just before we got started Andrea asked if I had any issues i wanted dealt with. I said “yes sort my head out” we both laughed and then I laid back on my bed and relaxed.

It was almost as soon as I closed my eyes it felt like the top of my head had opened and she was rummaging around in a tool box. I felt various pings and twangs as you do and then Andrea started working on the pressure points on my head. This is all virtual, I have to remind you, on a zoom call. I could honestly feel Andrea applying pressure around my eyes and above my eyebrows, so much so I almost had to ask her to stop! Then I felt her hands around the back of my head, applying pressure and that was a good pain.

After the session we talked about the pressure points and Andrea told me what she was doing in her mind and yes I could feel it all.

And once again I am totally bowled over by the power of virtual reiki. If this is something you are considering having done then I cannot recommend Andrea and the virtual sessions enough! They are done in the comfort of your own living or bedroom, you don’t have to go anywhere and Andrea “mutes you” so if your body does make any unexpected noises then she doesn’t hear

Oh and this morning, I feel absolutely fantastic with no foggy or sluggish feelings, and I’m ready to take on the world!

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