The Tree Of Life, Anon

The death of each of us is in the order of things; it follows 

life as surely as night follows day. We can take the tree of 

life as a symbol. The human race is the trunk and 

branches of this tree, and individual men and women are 

the leaves which appear one season, flourish for a 

summer and then die. I too am like a leaf on this tree and 

one day I shall be torn off by a storm, or I shall simply 

decay and fall and mingle with the earth at it’s roots. But, 

while I live I am conscious of the tree’s flowing sap and 

steadfast strength. Deep down in my consciousness is 

the consciousness of a collective life, a life of which I 

am a part as to which I make a minute but unique 

contribution. When I die and fall, the tree remains 

nourished to some small degree by my manifestation of 

life. Millions of leaves have preceded me and millions will 

follow me; but the tree itself grows and endures.

Andrea Jackson The Holistic Celebrant

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