Adieu and au revoir

As you love me, let there be

No mourning when I go,-

No tearful eyes, no hopeless sighs,

No woe, nor even sadness.

Indeed I would not have you sad,

For I myself shall be full of glad,

With the high triumphant gladness

Of a soul made free.

Of Gods sweet liberty


No windows darkened for my own

Will be flung wide as ne’er before,

To catch the radiant in pour

Of love that shall in full atone

For all the ills that I have done.

And the good things left undone

No voices hushed: my own, full flushed

With an immortal hope, will rise

In ecstasies of new born bliss

And joyful melodies.


Rather, or your sweet courtesy,

Rejoice with me

At my soul’s losing from captivity.


Wish me ‘Bon Voyage’ as you do a friend

Whose joyous visit finds it’s happy end

And bid me both ‘Adieu’ and ‘Au revoir’

Since, though I come no more

I shall be waiting there to greet you

At His Door.


And, as the feet of the bearers tread

The ways I trod,

Think not of me as dead, but rather –

Happy, thrice happy, she whose course is sped!

She has gone home.


John Oxenham (1852 – 1941)

Andrea Jackson The Holistic Celebrant

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