There is only one thing stronger than a parent’s love for a new born child, and that is the grandparent’s love for their new grandchild.

It can bring back fond memories of when your children were born, and the tender moments of seeing your child with their newborn stay with you forever.  The feeling of love is deep and can bring tears of joy and happiness. 

Future memories are made the moment the child is born and talk begins of maybe a christening or a naming ceremony.

But what happens when you can’t see your new grandchild in the flesh?

Naming Ceremonies Through Technology

When a global pandemic is prevalent with restrictions in place on who you can and can’t see, and where you can and can’t go, how can you celebrate?

Not only is it incredibly difficult for the expectant parents to travel the journey of labour alone, but families want to celebrate together what is a joyous occasion.  And the grandparents longingly want to be by their children’s side, loving and supporting them as best they can.

With digital technology now very popular and grandparents and great grandparents in their 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s using tablets, mobile phones, and computers, then nothing is impossible when it comes to love and connection.

You Will Still Feel The Love

Love is felt whether you are physically present or not. It is energy at the end of the day so it is still felt just as powerful online as offline. You can still shed tears of joy and happiness.

You can feel what other people are feeling so your grandchild will very much know that they are in your thoughts and heart.

A Naming Ceremony Is A Great Way To Celebrate

With lockdown easing slightly, people can meet outdoors, and two households can meet inside, both categories still maintaining ‘social distancing,’ and of course using common sense.

So maybe you haven’t had a chance for a christening or naming ceremony yet, and you feel the time is right wanting to celebrate the newborn (or maybe not so newborn.)

As a qualified Celebrant, I am able to hold a bespoke naming ceremony for you and your loved ones outside. This could be in your back garden, in the countryside, or a park.

And if you are far away and not able to cross the borders yet, I can also hold fabulous ceremonies online for you where you can invite as many people as you like.

A naming ceremony is an opportunity to re-connect, bring love to the child, and feel as one as a family.  The ceremony can be finished off beautifully with maybe online drinks or afternoon tea, or if it’s being held outside, maybe a picnic and words of love from the grandparents.

Christenings And Ceremonies Don’t Have To Be Held In A Church.

One thing is for sure, christenings and ceremonies no longer have to look and feel traditional and take place as they have done previously.  

The opportunities to have something different are endless and possible, and now is the time to have the naming ceremony you would like to remember forever more.

Please contact me on 07929 331142 or by email at if you would like to discuss a naming ceremony for the family newborn or not so newborn, or how you can celebrate the birth with a big loving welcome into the world whether online or outside.


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